Emergencies aren’t supposed to happen on holiday…. but they do. Here is a brief guide on contacting the emergency services in France with a few useful phrases.

The equivalent 999 emergency number is 112 in France from both a mobile phone or a landline

.Remember that healthcare for foreign nationals is not free and you should ensure your GHIC card which will allow the charges to be paid by the UK National Health Service is valid and with you, More information HERE

Some useful phrases if you have any emergencies in France

Hello, my name is…..            Bonjour, je m’appelle….

I need help urgently           J’ai besoin d’une aide urgente

I need an ambulance           J’ai besoin d’une ambulance

I need the police                  J’ai besoin de la police

I need the fire brigade        J’ai besoin des Sapeurs Pompiers

My wife has collapsed and needs urgent medical attention.

Ma femme s’est effondrée et a besoin de soins médicaux urgents.

My husband has collapsed and needs urgent medical attention.

Mon mari s’est effondré et a besoin de soins médicaux urgents.

The patient’s name is…      Le patient (il / elle) s’appelle

Our address is ……….

Notre adresse est ……………

My phone number is……

Mon numéro de téléphone est …………….

Note that telephone numbers in France will normally be given as pairs of numbers eg 46 82 93 76 will be said as quarante six – quatre vingts deux – quatre vingts treise – soixante dix sept

Its always useful to refresh your number knowledge in French to help in shops, restaurants and anywhere else! Simple online games are great for you and your kids

And now back to your search for an Overnight Stay in France….

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