Owner direct advertising – Some simple guidelines to help your advert work for you.

Target Audience

Overnight France visitors will be mainly English speaking travellers seeking accommodation in France. The main source of traffic will be France for Families Overnight stays page

Many will be family groups, and travelling to or from the English Channel ferry ports (Dunkirk, Calais, Le Havre, Caen, Roscoff) so emphasis on family friendly features will help.

Advert Content

Text – Although there is no limit, we suggest keeping text reasonably brief – a maximum of around 200 words should suffice.

Images – Adverts may show up to 6 images. These should be in jpg format, and formatted for web use at around 1200 pixels on the longest side for quick site loading. Images should be in Landscape orientation (longest side horizontal as in the example images below)
If you require help with getting your images into the correct format, or with digital enhancements for your images please see Elements Property – Property Image specialists. Before enhancement and After Enhancement example below.

advertise your accommodation
direct to Owner accommodation advertising

Images should show your accommodation. A good image of the best view of the property with a bright sky and flowers as the first image will always attract. Bedroom pictures should show well prepared and tidy rooms.

Overnight France reserve the right to remove or request replacement of images that are not deemed suitable or representative.

Website address and Contact details for Owner direct advertising

Websites linked to MUST be under your personal control, and not link to other booking agencies (eg booking,com, AirBnB, VRBO etc). Listings will be verified before publication and may be rejected if the linked to site is unsuitable or not relevant. (note – if your booking page is directed to a third party, that is permitted)

Contact details are optional, and entirely up to the Advertiser’s preference.

Are you ready to place your advert? Head to the Add listing page HERE

What happens next?

You will go to the Property information page where you will upload information on your property.
Once complete, you will be taken to the Account page where you will select your advertising package.
This then takes you into to Checkout page where you enter your account and payment details.

Site Admin will be notified that this is completed, and within 24 hours your advert will be verified, and will be live on the site.

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